Case Studies

  • Open Dealer Exchange had just purchased a significant new technology to complement their credit aggregation business.  read more

  • GMAC Insurance:   The project’s objective was to integrate several business functions with the leading DMS systems. read more
  • U.S. Equity Advantage: The project was to develop a capital investment model and fine-tune the service offering for the launch of this startup payment processing service. read more
  • Route One: The project to develop Route One’s flagship credit aggregation system was just entering its development phase. read more
  • In 2004, MenuVantage had a need for payment rollback calculations.  That is, financing calculations in which the monthly payment is not a result but an input. read more 


“Mark is a very dedicated and knowledgeable technologist and a real pleasure to work with.”

Darrell Harper
Director of Technology , Cal-Tex Protective Coatings, Inc.

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