Client: U.S. Equity Advantage

Client Business: Bi-Weekly Payment Program
Engagement: Business Planning and Technology Strategy
Follow-On Work: Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation; Database Conversion
Timeframe: June 2003 – January 2005
Reference: Robert Steenbergh, CEO


Virag Consulting was retained by U.S. Equity Advantage to develop a capital investment model, and fine-tune the service offering, as part of business planning for the launch of this startup payment processing service.  As part of this engagement, Mark Virag researched the services of U.S. Equity’s competitors, and developed financial models. 

Forecasts for the initial model showed that several months of heavy investment would be required before the service became cash-flow positive.  Accordingly, new terms were developed for the service, reducing the average time for each account to pay back its cash investment.  Modeling the time series of selling costs was a key feature of this analysis, which informed how the service was defined and marketed.

Bi-Weekly Payment vs. Monthly 8% APR, No Fees

Mr. Virag developed scenario models for the service terms, fees, and commission schedules.  He then wrote functional and technical specifications for the commission-management software.  Virag Consulting also developed the core amortization program that drives the commission schedule.

A key contributor to U.S. Equity’s early success in the marketplace was its close integration with MenuVantage as an origination system.  Mark Virag organized and directed this integration, as well as the integration with U.S. Equity’s service provider, Fort Knox National Bank.  When U.S. Equity later insourced the servicing, Mark was there to manage the conversion.

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“Mark is a very dedicated and knowledgeable technologist and a real pleasure to work with.”

Darrell Harper
Director of Technology, Cal-Tex Protective Coatings, Inc.

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