Client: MenuVantage LLC

Client Business: F&I Software
Engagement: Technical System Design
Timeframe: October 2004 – January 2005
Reference: Phillip Battista, CEO

In 2004, MenuVantage had a need for payment rollback calculations.  That is, financing calculations in which the monthly payment is not a result but an input.  Rollback calculations run “backward” from the monthly payment to arrive at some other result. 

GMAC’s Sign & Drive promotion, introduced in 2004, is a special case of “roll to cap cost” in which there is no cash down and the system must goal-seek to a monthly payment that absorbs all inception fees.  Other rollback calculations are:

  • Roll to cash down (lease)
  • Roll to cash down (loan)
  • Roll to APR

Mark Virag began by algebraically reversing some of the payment calculations.  This was successful as a proof of concept, but the MenuVantage calculation library contains hundreds of payment calculations.  It would be impractical to maintain extra versions of each.  A technique was needed that would leverage the existing base calculations.

Effect of APR on Payment Showing Tangent Line at 8.0%


Mr. Virag developed a family of algorithms to apply the base calculations iteratively, using a proprietary goal-seeking strategy.  These algorithms typically converge on a solution in fewer than seven iterations.  Speed is essential because, unlike most deal-calculation systems, the MenuVantage system handles 10 deals simultaneously. 

Mr. Virag then formalized his development approach and transitioned it successfully to MenuVantage technical personnel.  This same approach was also used to compute Credit Life premiums, without iteration, and GAP Insurance.

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“I worked as a peer to Mark in his role as V.P. for AutoNation Financial Services. Mark was a key member of senior management and played an instrumental role in the start-up of this organization. Based upon my work experience with Mark, I would highly recommend him.”

David Jett , V.P. Finance, AutoNation

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